Enginuity founders, April & Kelly, spent many years working together, first as recruiters and then as entrepreneurs who launched their highly successful engineering-focused recruiting firm, Enginuity Advantage.

During this journey, they honed and developed best practices and strategies for finding and attracting the best and the brightest engineering talent. Throughout their years, they quickly learned what worked and what didn’t. They experienced the frustration of sifting through endless stacks of resumes and scrolling through page after page on a job board only to come up empty handed. On the occasion that a job board produced a seemingly qualified candidate, they knew that the hardest part of the process was yet to come.

Does the candidate fit the culture of the company? Will they mesh well with the leadership style within the department? What makes this individual ‘tick’?

Job boards only uncovered a fraction of what’s critical in determining a TRUE match. These tools are an important resource in recruiting – but they needed to be better.

Their passion for connecting people and creating a better solution inspired the development of Enginuity. Enginuity is a career focused matchmaking site—not a job board. It goes beyond the basics of education, years of experience, area of discipline, and delves into the key areas of TRUE career matching – those intangibles that determine a successful connection. It offers the best of both worlds – advanced matching technology paired with human verification by our talented team.

Only the best candidates for the job AND employer are validated as TRUE matches before they are moved ahead for consideration.

Through their extensive recruiting experience, their vast understanding of the needs of those who look to hire qualified talent, as well as a unique perspective of what’s important when recruiting engineers into successful roles, Kelly and April developed a tool that is unlike any other. This is Enginuity.

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