What is the Guarantee?

Ok, here’s the deal…

We know that you need candidates – top quality candidates, as many as you can get and as quickly as you can get them. Please know, our mission is to provide you with exactly what you need. Enginuity Virtual Recruiter is focused on quality versus quantity. We will work hard to offer you a strong pool of candidates while maintaining our high standard of quality.

Here’s our promise – If at any time you are dissatisfied with our product or service, we will happily refund the cost of your job post. Just let us know. We are committed to 100% satisfaction. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

What makes Enginuity Virtual Recruiter different?

Enginuity Virtual Recruiter is not your ‘typical’ recruiting resource. It goes beyond the basics and drills deeper to find you not only qualified candidates BUT candidates who will fit with your company culture. We know the importance of candidates having the right skills, experience, education, licensing, etc. But in order for it to be the right fit, we take the time to understand who will align best with your organization. Once you post your jobs, you will only be notified about candidates who are well worth your consideration. We look to make true “love connections”. So, post your jobs and let us do the matchmaking.

Do my unused job listings expire?

No, your unused job listings are available for use at any time — now or in the future. No need to worry that they'll disappear.

What if I can't pay by credit card?

If you are unable to pay by credit card, please reach out to us at hiring@enginuityvirtualrecruiter.com and we will make other arrangements for payment.

How long does it take to post a job?

Posting a job is a snap! Our goal is for this process to be quick and efficient. You should expect it to take less than 10 minutes (usually much, much less) to post a new job.

How soon will I see results?

The speed of results will vary based on the type of position and the availability of candidates. You will ONLY see candidate matches who are determined to be well-aligned with your hiring need. You will receive your first update within 24 hours of posting your job – our goal is to be providing you with matched engineers at this point. If there aren’t immediate matches, you can expect regular updates and you will be notified when candidates are ready for consideration.

What types of engineers do we specialize in?

We are engineering exclusive BUT we cater to ALL types of engineers and ALL types of engineering positions.

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