We know engineers

For more than a decade we have been recruiting top engineering talent. During this journey, we’ve honed and developed best practices and strategies for finding and attracting only the best and the brightest. This knowledge can be put to work for you with Virtual Recruiter.


We do the busy work

We understand your time is extremely limited and valuable, so a little help is probably welcome. Instead of spending your time sifting through tons of resumes, emailing this and that, filing papers, and inspecting LinkedIn profiles, let Enginuity Virtual Recruiter do it for you!


Only the fittest survive


Enginuity Virtual Recruiter only shares the candidates with a Fit Score™ of 80% and above. Why? Because these are the candidates most likely to succeed in your unique environment. Fit is a combination of required education, certifications, skills, and experience, combined with their workplace and culture preferences—and you need both for success.


Higher quality candidates

Engineers know their information is kept private unless they approve its release. Why is this important? Because it allows us to attract the passive candidates that are already working—not just those currently in search of a job.


Detailed candidate info

Engineers you meet through Virtual Recruiter are screened using information that goes way beyond the resume. Before you even arrange an interview, you’ll understand their personality, what kind of environment they thrive in, and their unique work and leadership style.



Training and recruiting is expensive. Finding engineers who fit your culture means lower turnover and reduced training and on-boarding expenses. So doesn’t it make sense to be sure there’s a good fit up front? That’s what Enginuity Virtual Recruiter is all about—helping ensure you and your engineers work happily ever after!